Self Care Rituals

Say it with me.. SELF CARE! Definitely something each & every one of us should make an effort to incorporate into our lives. Why? Because you deserve it! 

February is the month of showing your love & appreciation to those most special to you. So it makes sense that you should also be looking after the most important person in your life, YOU! Here are some ideas on how to treat yourself this month (and every other month after that) 



Explore your hometown, go somewhere you haven't been before, it's like having a mini holiday you don't have to pay for!

Put together a killer playlist filled with all your favourite songs and dance to it.

Clean! I know, definitely not the most enticing of 'self care' rituals, but important nonetheless. Having a clean space will also mean having a clear mind, leaving you feeling less stressed and more motivated!

Give yourself an at-home spa day, bubble baths, facials, chocolate covered strawberries, chardonnay, the works 🥂

Play with a pet. They are cute, they love you & they think you are the next best thing since sliced bread, there is no better way to increase the feel good vibes than hanging out with your best fur-friend. 

Move your body. Go swimming, go for a hike, anything that will get your blood flowing and those feel good endorphins pumping. 

Treat yourself to something new if your budget allows! No better feeling than a fresh pair of PJ's, or a new outfit (except maybe a brand new pair of matching organic cotton intimates 😇)


Do something creative, paint or draw, even if you aren't artistically inclined. Those adult colouring books are popular for a reason! It's a wonderful way to wind down and give your mind a rest.

Read a book or magazine. As much as we love a screen.. sometimes giving our eyes and mind a break from the fast paced, ever changing nature of the content on our devices is a lovely thing to do.

Learn a new skill whether it's brushing up on a second language, learning to play an instrument or discovering some new features on your DSLR camera. Learning & practising new skills is sure to make you feel good about yourself!

Meditate, find a guided meditation on YouTube or practise mindfulness yourself by just taking the time to sit and relax for 10 minutes or so. It's kind of like spring cleaning for your brain, you will definitely be feeling refreshed & more focused after doing this regularly!

Visit an art gallery, see a live show, go to a music concert, anything that will leave you feeling inspired and in awe!

Spend some time in nature, fresh air is so very good for you 🍃


Buy yourself some of your favourite flowers 🌸 Place them in your lounge room and feel your mood increase by at least 300%, they are cute, smell great and will be sure to make you feel happy when you look at them :)

Journal, in whatever way helps you! Whether it's writing down all of your thoughts, setting goals, planning out your week to come. Writing things down and getting them out of your brain will make you feel instantly lighter and less stressed. 

Use positive affirmations. As silly as it may feel, giving yourself compliments and support is very good for you & will lead you to doing great things!

Spend time with a friend. Someone who makes you feel good, supported and cherished, spending the afternoon cooking or watching TV with someone you value will always leave you in good spirits. 

Make sure you get some quality sleep, you can always use essential oils such as lavender to help you get that good, good shut eye! Side note: A diffuser is the best thing you will ever buy if you want to get some amazing sleep!


Hope this blog post has inspired you to be kind to yourself this February (and always). We'd love to hear what you do to take care of yourself! Join the discussion over on our instagram page @lebuns_
Until next time,