How you will be spending Valentines Day based on your LÉ BUNS preferences

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentines day is right around the corner. Take our (very accurate) quiz to discover how you'll be spending this Feb 14th. Choose one of the 3 options for each question & tally up your answers to get your result! 

Which brief cut is your go-to?? 

 What kind of booty coverage will be found in your top drawer? 

Which is your trusty intimates colour way? 

Your fave bra style? 

Pick a candy heart that speaks to your soul.


Let's talk swimwear, what colour are you rocking on a blissful summer's day?



Last but not least, which V-day gift will steal your heart?




You take a practical, structured approach to life!! You love plans, lists, schedules and everything in between. Valentines day is your excuse to give yourself a break form the hustle bustle of your day-to-day life. You will spend V-day indulging in some much needed self care. A cheesy rom-com binge, face masks and a takeaway pizza will go down very nicely for you this Feb 14th. 



You are a romantic at heart. Valentines is your absolute favourite holiday (mostly due to the *AeSThetiCs*). Pink, roses, sparkles & everything in between are right up your alley! You will for sure be spending V-day going on a date, whether it's with that special someone, your fam or your bestie. We wouldn't be surprised if you have already booked in your favourite lunch spot or dessert bar for the big day. It is a day to celebrate love after all, so of course there is no better way to spend it, than with your favourite people & your favourite foods!


Valentines day is nothing to you other than excuse for a good boogie. You will for sure be hosting the ultimate Galentines day party this year complete with cheese platters and Chardonnay. You love to dress up & will ensure that the insta pic opportunities at your gathering will be plentiful! Your fire selfies from the day will no doubt make your ex very jealous. (hehe)