How to re-use your LÉ BUNS sustainable wash bag

Every single purchase from LÉ BUNS includes a garment bag which is perfect for ensuring the longevity of your new pieces by protecting them in the wash.
If you end up with some spare wash bags after stocking up on your favourite LÉ BUNS pieces, don't worry, there are many different ways you can reuse this useful bag.
Here are some ideas for you;


  • Your LÉ BUNS wash bag is the perfect shopping companion, especially if you're doing your best to go plastic free. It's an amazing alternative to single use plastic bags, especially when it comes to buying fresh produce!
  • Bulk shopping. You can always use your LÉ BUNS garment bag to transport dried beans, grains and legumes before putting them into a glass jar at home for long term storage.


  • Your LÉ BUNS garment bag is a safe place to keep your skincare and makeup products on any adventures you may go on. A great alternative to a cosmetic bag as it’s lightweight, reusable and you can see through it, the perfect travel companion!
  • Separate your undies and bras in your luggage. Nothing worse than rummaging through a huge suitcase for your underwear. Keep it all together in the safety of your LÉ BUNS wash bag.
  • Earrings and other jewellery or accessories can be stored in this little bag. Think scrunchies, hair bands, sunnies, all in the one place and easily accessible when you need them.

    Storage solutions

    • Makeup brushes, iPhone cords, you name it, your LÉ BUNS garment bag is a great place to store it and make sure everything is kept tidy, organised and all in the one place.
    • Garment bags make excellent drawer organisers. Separate out your swimwear, socks, scrunchies, hair bows or any other smaller items with your LÉ BUNS wash bag.

    Day to day

    • Keep your wallet, phone and earphones safe in a tote bag or any other large bag lacking in compartments. Your LÉ BUNS wash bag is the perfect home for them whilst you go about your day. No more rummaging through a pile of receipts and snack bars to find your wallet when you really need it.