Your perfect LÉ BUNS set according to your zodiac sign



You're all about making things happen, you're energetic, independent and at times, quite competitive.
The rich shiraz shade of the Remy tie top & Cleo bottoms is a perfect compliment to your fiery, get-it-done approach to life. The versatility of this top means that it is fuss free & ready for any occasion, which could also be said about you dear Aries!



Taurus, you are a lover of luxury and comfort. You are an artist, both gentle and fierce. You are always seeking the best of the best and love to treat yourself to the latest and greatest that there is. Keep your eyes peeled for our yet to be released powder blue shade, it's your perfect match.



You Gemini's are the definition of adaptable, you are easy going and ready to take on anything that life throws at you. You could say the same about our Alexa bikini top, hence why she's your perfect match. You are notorious for being indecisive, which is why our reversible painted floral print is your best friend. You can change this swim set from a minimal all white, to a fun floral print in seconds, the perfect solution to your ever changing preferences.



Just like a classic set of organic cotton intimates, Cancerians are loyal, trustworthy and will always have your back. You are ever so intuitive and highly empathetic, this is why even down to your undies, you are always making choices that have least impact on the environment and the people making the products you invest in. #teamorganiccotton



Leo you are vivacious, a risk taker, a natural leader. When it comes to style you are never one to hold back from diving into something risky and out of the ordinary. Your perfect set is our Easton Bandeau & Zari briefs in our reversible Clay shade. This set is bright, bold & ready to take control, just like you our lovely Leo.



Virgo, you are not one to venture from your trusty classic cuts & silhouettes. Our Berta Triangle Bralette & Taylor High cut briefs will offer you all of the comfort and support you need whilst you're out doing your thing and being the hardworking boss babe that you are. You are inclined to Marie Kondo anything and everything that you set your eyes on, which is why classic is best when it comes to pieces that will stand the test of time (and Marie Kondo) in your wardrobe.



Libra, you are a lover of beautiful things, you can't help it, if it's cute, you just can't resist. Our new Blush shade is just the right amount of cute and practical to appeal to both sides of your personality. You are known for being fair, understanding and a great listener. All of these traits make for an amazing sleepover companion, especially when there's some love-life issues that need resolving. (Hence the sleeping mask, which is in a luxurious silk for our aesthetic obsessed Libra, obviously)



Scorpio you are emotional, imaginative and intense. You are not afraid to flaunt what you've got, cue our Belle G-String & Mila Bralette to accentuate your assets and enhance that self-confidence that you are so well known for. You are very loyal and love the items in your wardrobe to be the same. Quality, a great fit, and black in colour are the most important (actually, the only) requirements when making a new purchase. Luckily our LÉ BUNS Noir range passes this test with flying colours ;)



You are on a never ending adventure our dear Saggitarians, you barely sit still for even a minute! Travel and new experiences are what gets you out of bed in the morning. You have a vision and you are not afraid to chase after what you want, you like your clothing to be practical and supportive whilst you head out on your new endeavours. we have matched you up with a set that does just that. It is none other than the Bowie Crop (which has a built in shelf bra, win!) & our comfy high waisted Taylor briefs, in our iconic ivory organic cotton of course.



Our Capricornians are for sure the most practical and realistic of all the signs. You like things to be simple, fuss free, and effective. We've recommended the Quinn shirred bralette and the Kiki boyshort to take you through all of your day to day tasks and activities with maximum comfort and minimum effort. Whether you're spending the days exploring your creative side, or you're off working hard at a side hustle, our organic cotton intimates have got you covered. Trust us when we say that your discipline and practical approach to life will get you far.



Aquarians, you are a truly assertive, make-up-your-own-mind kind of girl. You are not one to get behind something that doesn't have solid evidence & facts to back it. Tried & tested is your thing, which is why the Berta Bralette and Chloe Briefs are your perfect pair. Both are elevated cuts crafted with everyone's favourite staple styles in mind, and created from in a soft, comfy, durable organic cotton, there's no going wrong. You are original; you like to think outside the box and try whacky things. The blank canvas of an Ivory set is perfect for you, we won't be surprised if we see you rocking a one of a kind, Aquarian-made tie dye version of this set.



Pisces you are a mystical, romantic, emotional mush of a human, in the best possible way. Your deep rooted empathetic tendencies drive you to lead the most sustainable and ethical life you can & we think naturally dyed organic cotton intimates could very well be right up your alley. The Luna crop is perfect for lounging, yoga classes and everything in between, we know you love a good boogie, and the Luna will not be out of place on the dance floor either. Do I even need to explain why your perfect set is in blush? Pink is your colour, think fairies, sunsets, flowers. Need I say more?
Aries: Cult gaia bag via Verstiare Collective, LÉ BUNS Swimsuit, Florals via Rachel Levy, Sunglasses by Pared
Taurus: Sunglasses by Pared, Moon journal cover by Sandy Sitron, Florals by Rachel Levy, Bag by Poppy Lissiman
Gemini: Quan bag via NET-A-PORTER, LÉ BUNS swim set, Florals by Paul Lange, Sunnies by Charlotte Mercy
Cancer: LÉ BUNS intimates, Valet studios hair accessories, Cult Gaia bag via Verstiare Collective, Reliquia Earrings, Auor sunnies
Leo: Florals by Rachel Levy, Swimwear by LÉ BUNS, sunnies by Auor, Louis Vuitton bag via Verstiare Collective, Reliquia earrings
Virgo: Florals by Rachel Levy, LÉ BUNS intimates, vintage bag via Verstiare Collective, Poms eyewear sunnies
Libra: Florals by Rachel Levy, Alienina bag, LÉ BUNS intimates, Slip silk eye mask
Scorpio: Aesop beauty, Pared eyewear sunnies, LÉ BUNS intimates, Florals by Paul Lange
Sagittarius: Acne Studios Sneakers via Verstiare, Vintage shorts via Combyne, LÉ BUNS intimates, Florals by Rachel Levy, Auor sunnies
Capricorn: Marques Almeida shorts via Verstiare Collective, LÉ BUNS intimates, Florals by Paul Lange, Fendi bag via Verstiare Collective, Poms eyewear sunnies
Aquarius: Hat by Lack of Color, Bag by Poppy Lissiman, LÉ BUNS intimates, Florals by Paul Lange
Pisces: Florals by Rachel Levy, LÉ BUNS intimates, Poms eyewear sunnies