Nice things to read, watch & listen to this summer.


One Day - David Nicholls
This book follows the lives of 2 individuals, Dexter and Emma, one day a year, the 15th of July, over the 2 decades that the story takes place. This book is an emotional roller coaster and you will feel happiness, joy, despair and awe all within the span of a few pages. It's so much more than your average romance novel though and has such a good exploration of friendship, true love, the struggles of growing up & finding yourself from two completely different perspectives, which is what sets it apart from the rest. PSA. If you're not much of a reader there is also a movie based on this book, starring Anne Hathaway. You're welcome.
Looking for Alaska - John Green
One of those books that brings back so many memories, I remember reading it when it first came out. When the new TV series adaptation of the story arrived on Stan, I knew I had to revisit this old favourite. This book has won its fair share of awards over the years, and rightfully so. It's beautifully written - filled with passion, humour, moving, thought-provoking storylines and characters that feel like they could be your best friend. The stories and lives of the main characters explore themes of loss & self discovery. It's for sure one that you won't want to put down!
Make It Happen - Jordanna Levin
For those of us who are wanting to get in touch with our inner spirituality. Whether you believe in Manifestation or not, this book makes some incredible connections between your thoughts and your reality. It's different from your average self help book in the way it's written. Full of wit, humour and sarcasm which makes it feel as though you're getting some great advice from a close friend. This book is definitely worth a read whether you're the queen of manifestation or just looking for some insight and motivation to channel your energy and thoughts into what's most important.


Amelie, 2001
The perfect pick for a light-hearted but wholesome film viewing experience. Amelie is a classic film by director Jeane-Pierre Jeunet with a romantic, comedic storyline that follows the heroine Amelie on her journey to happiness and self-discovery. I'm no film critique, so I'll just say that it's a damn good movie and the aesthetics are very much on point. It's also the reason I know precisely 3 words of French.
The Devil Wears Prada, 2006
If you haven't seen this movie you have my permission (and encouragement) to ditch reading the rest of this blog post and head straight to watching this masterpiece of a film. The cast is absolutely incredible and there's just something about every single character that is so relatable, particularly Meryl Streep as Miranda, she is honestly the impersonation of all my goals and aspirations. There's something about this movie that is just so feel good, it's light hearted in the best possible way but still manages to leave you with some important messages and insights about life, career and love.
The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001
A personal favourite from the array of cinematic masterpieces directed by Wes Anderson. The storyline of this film is nothing too complex, it explores everyday events and emotions of the Tenenbaum family. What gets me with this film is that it's 1 hr, 50 mins of pure visual bliss. The colours, sets and especially the costumes are all exceptional, and Margot Tenenbaum is bound to make you question why you are yet to cut all of your hair off and rock a summer bob.
(can you tell I'm vibing 2000's cinema?)


Offline the Podcast - Alison Rice
A collection of thoughtful, intimate and very raw discussions with influential women. Journalist Alison Rice is such a lovely host and the podcast feels like you are a part of a conversation between two good friends. It's an incredible insight into the lives of women that we all know, love & admire. Alison has meaningful discussion with her guests about anything from career to self-care & anything in between. Definitely worth a listen if social media, beauty, fashion or just some insightful conversations are your thing.
Wallows - Spring EP
Of course music is down to personal taste, but I thought it would be worth sharing a couple of albums which give me all the summer vibes. First up is EP by Los Angeles based alternative rock band Wallows, entitled Spring (unfortunately not 'Summer' which would have beautifully matched the title of this blog post) is everything I could ask for in an EP and more. It only came out April of 2018, and I was hooked from the first song I heard, it is so incredible to listen to. Perfect mix of chill and upbeat, if that even exists. (I am no music critic) Not to mention it has some of the cutest album art, making it a strong contender for an addition to the vinyl collection. Despite my wishes for this album to be titled 'Summer', 'Spring' is such a beautiful name for this collection of songs as the music will remind you of sunshine and flowers.
Best Tracks 
- These Days
- Ground
- Pictures of Girls

 The Marias - Superclean Vol.1 EP

The Maria's are a relatively new, Los Angeles based band formed in late 2016. (thanks google) They describe their music as psychedelic soul which is think is a pretty accurate description. Their music is very dreamy & I could imagine listening to it as the backing track to a very picturesque summer's picnic. Not to mention lead singer Maria (@maria.themarias) is ultimate hair goals too.

Best Tracks 
- Basta Ya
- I Like it
- I Don't Know You
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