WAYS TO WEAR: The Hadley, 1 bikini top, 8+ ways

The Hadley Halter has been a core essential in our swim collections since the inception of LÉ BUNS. It's one of our most versatile swim tops ever, and can be tied to create endless different shapes & looks. Welcome to your go-to guide for styling the Hadley.

The One Piece

Paired with your favourite LÉ BUNS high waisted bikini bottoms, (we love the Taylor), you will create an incredibly flattering silhouette that resembles a one piece. Tie the halter straps behind your neck, pull down the bottom of the bikini top so that it meets the waistline of your high waisted bottoms. Finally, secure the bottom ties at the back with a firm knot at the waistline!

The Longline Halter

A classic bikini top silhouette, the halter, is a cult favourite and very practical for beach days and adventures! Securely tie the straps directly behind your neck and your back to create a flattering, perfectly fitted silhouette.

The Deep V

Follow the same steps as above, but don't forget you can also spice up your classic halter style by bring the bottom ties through the centre of the top. Tie them tight to create a cinch effect and deepen the v-shaped silhouette at the front of the top.

The Triangle Bikini

Another classic bikini top style, a favourite for the girl who wants to keep tan lines to a minimum. To transform your Hadley into this shape, tie it at the points where the top ties are connected to the rest of the top. Then you will tie the straps behind your neck as normal. Fold the bottom band of the top in half outwards to reveal the smooth interior & create a multi-textured top!

The One Piece 2.0

For our one piece loving babes, the same steps as above can be followed to create a lovely tie detail at the top of the swimsuit. Just eliminate that last step and instead pull the bottom band down to meet the top of your high waisted bottoms!

The Cross Over

For the girl who wants to spice things up and steer away from classic bikini cuts. Why not cross the top straps over in the front before tying them around your neck. This is also a super secure way to wear your swimwear for surfing or swimming, you can be sure that it won't budge!

The One Piece 3.0

Yes, that's right, there's another one piece to be made from this one bikini top! Follow the same steps as our first version of this one piece, but before tying the straps around your neck, cross them over in the front and you have effortlessly added a gorgeous key-hole detail to the front of your swimsuit.

The 'Going Out' Top

Our sustainable swimwear is crafted from a luxe, ribbed regenerated nylon, and is double lined, which means that it has a beautiful structure to it, allowing you to style it effortlessly into your everyday wardrobe. Pair it with jeans & sandals for a daytime look or with tailored trousers & some minimal heels to take you into the night.