Celebrating Women

Here at LÉ BUNS, we're a team of women who just love making really cute & comfy things for other women. As a brand we celebrate the beauty of womankind by promoting diversity, sharing un-retouched imagery & creating flattering cuts to make any woman feel confident in their own skin. Being a woman is such a blessing! We are so grateful to have each & every one of you in our community of incredible women!


From history to our everyday lives, women around the world have shown us the strength and power that we all hold. To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, the LÉ BUNS team has written about a woman who has inspired us throughout our lives.


Simonette - Marketing & Public Relations

My Nonna is a woman in my life who inspires me greatly and has had a major influence in my life! Despite all of the adversity she has faced in the past after leaving behind her whole life in Italy and immigrating to Australia in the 70's, she continues to remain a positive light in the lives of everyone she knows! I admire her passion and drive to continue to enjoy life and her hobbies even well into her old age! I admire that despite society's constructs and expectations that your life is over as soon as you reach a certain age, my Nonna will never miss her weekly bingo, ballroom dancing, or a day tending to her (very impressive) vegetable garden. She's an incredible chef, a great teacher (I can thank her for my very limited Italian skills) and someone who never fails to make me laugh. Her positivity & passionate nature are very admirable to me, and something I look up to everyday.


Natarsha - Marketing Coordinator

Being a history nerd myself, I’ve always been fascinated with the roles women held in different societies. When I was in high school, I stumbled across the badass Empress of Russia, Catherine the Great. She was the longest-ruling female leader of Russia, yet the thing I love about her is that she overthrew her own husband, Peter III then imprisoned him to appoint herself Empress. After being married into the Russian family from Poland, she embraced Russia and rained her 34 years! During this time she was able to expand Russia’s territory, end wars while bringing education and art to the country. I’ve always admired her compassion for the people and her bravery for not conforming to the life society told her she must have.


Ashleigh - E-commerce Coordinator

My Grandma is the most resilient, strong and protective woman I know. She inspires me daily and has made me the person I am today. She immigrated from Ireland to the UK with eight children and brought my mum up with love and kindness and taught her what it was to be an independent woman. Although she is on the other side of the world from me she still manages to make me laugh and I learn something from her every time we speak. She has taught me what patience, love and what kindness is.


“Here’s to strong women: May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” 💞