Style Diaries: The Easton Bandeau Top

Hello, my name is Sim, and todays blog post is filled with a weeks worth of outfits styling the gorgeous Easton Bikini top in black by LÉ BUNS which has become an absolute wardrobe staple for me! Here are 7 outfits from seaside to cocktail bar,  which I hope will give you some inspiration to get creative and make the most of out this piece!
Of course we can't go wrong with wearing a bikini top as, well, you guessed it..... a bikini top. Not the most groundbreaking styling I've ever done. But what IS groundbreaking is how versatile this top is!
It's designed beautifully to be worn in five different silhouettes. (three are shown in the cute gif above) So you're basically getting 5 bikini tops for 1. Which means less space taken up in your suitcase on trips, less money you need to spend on multiple bikinis, plus it's great for the environment to get a tonne of wear from one garment! win, win, win!
For my beach day I styled the Easton in this cute knotted silhouette, by using the ties that are attached on the inside of the top to cinch it in and create this super flattering neckline! If you're more of a one piece kind of girl, you can always extend the Easton into a longline tube top, which meets the top of my Taylor bikini bottoms perfectly. Otherwise, folding the top in half for a thinner bandeau style is super comfy and not to mention flattering.
Honestly, this top is too cute just to be worn on the beach, it has well and truly made its way into my every day wardrobe! Take Tuesday's look for example, which is perfect for meetings or an office day.
I have styled this thrifted blazer over the top of the Easton creating a really lovely square neckline, which is the perfect feminine addition to this power-suit moment. The great thing about the Easton is that the ruched texture and thick fabric make it super comfortable to wear during the day, even in a professional environment, and adding a jacket or blazer gives you some extra modesty up top.
This look is also the perfect 'Desk-to-Dinner' outfit, because once you take off the blazer, it's completely transformed and perfect for some post-work cocktails.
Another workwear inspired look! Similarly to layering a blazer over the top of the Easton, layering underneath this top also makes it more office appropriate. By simply adding the Easton bandeau on top of an otherwise quite boring white shirt and black trousers combo, the outfit has been transformed into a super chic jumpsuit, with some definition at the waist! 
The shirt I have styled in this look is quite oversized, as are these wide-legged trousers, so adding a fitted bandeau over the top was the perfect way to cinch my waist and add a bit more shape and dimension to this look! I think adding tight layers on top of oversized outfits is my new favourite styling tip, did someone say flattering??
Today's outfit was the perfect Uni outfit. Jeans, t-shirt, a blazer and sneakers is basically my uniform. I really enjoyed switching out my usual white tee for the Easton bandeau, so comfy!
The thing that usually keeps me from wearing tube tops is constantly having to tug at them to keep them up. But LÉ BUNS swim fabric is such a lovely thickness and has the perfect amount of stretch to it, keeping it in place with no problems! In warmer weather, lose the blazer, switch out your sneakers for some slides and add a pair of killer sunnies for the perfect easy, go-to summer outfit. Sorted.
Fri-YAY, means last minute evening cocktails with the girls. If you're anything like me, trying to figure out what to wear on a night out that is going to be both comfortable and cute, can prove to be quite the challenge. I honestly don't know where this top has been all my life because paired with some simple heels, it will dress up almost any piece I already have.
Silky slip skirts and tube tops is one of my personal favourite going out looks, but the Easton looks just as fabulous with a pair of wide leg trousers, some straight cut jeans, a mini skirt, you name it! Also it's technically a swimsuit, so not the end of the world if a drink or two make their way onto my outfit... how handy!
Sundays for me are reserved for self-care and plant watering. This calls for a comfy outfit, and something that isn't going to get in the way when applying multiple face masks and skin serums throughout the day. The Easton in this knotted silhouette is actually so comfortable for lounging, just as comfortable as all of the LÉ BUNS organic cotton bralettes.
I love a really oversized wide leg pant for chilling at home. They are basically PJ pants that aren't too embarrassing to be seen in when you need to go to the door to collect your Uber Eats deliveries. 
I hope you have enjoyed this week in the life of my Easton Bikini top! If you'd like to add this dreamy piece to your LÉ BUNS collection, all you need to do is click on the gif below! Happy styling.
Love Sim x