How to multiply your indoor plant collection from home

Being at home for more than we ever have before can take a toll on us, as feeling connected to nature is so very important for our soul & overall wellbeing. Having a collection of plants to bring some greenery to your indoor space is such a mood booster and a great way to keep your air feeling fresh and circulated. With a bit of extra time on our hands too, it's the perfect opportunity to create some new plant children and add even more life to your space.

If you'd like some tips for taking care of different kinds of plant babies, check out this blog post for the ins & outs of caring for your indoor plants. 

Today's post is all about PROPAGATION, something fun and rewarding that almost anyone of any age can do to pass the time whilst in isolation. We will take you through the propagation process, which will give you the know-how to create a never ending cycle of indoor plants. 



Find a willing candidate to donate a few leaves for your propagations. Usually Ivy plants are great for this as they grow very rapidly and it's easy to find the 'node' to cut from. You could also try a monstera plant as they often have visible aerial roots which will grow once submerged in water. You will find a node where a leaf extends from the main stem, this is the perfect place to cut as new roots will readily grow from this area, which is what we want!


Find some jars to house your off cuts for the time being. Clear jars are great because they will let in light & you will also be able to easily see the progress of the roots when they start to grow. Place your off cuts into jars filled generously with some water. If there are any visible nodes or aerial roots make sure that these are fully submerged in the water! 


Let it grow!! Now it's a waiting game, your plants might take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to grow some nice sturdy roots. Don't be shy to change the water every now and then and ensure that they are getting enough sun. Once there are some good looking roots happening in the water, you are ready to move onto the next step!



Now for the exciting part, take your plant off cuts, with their newly acquired roots into the garden, or any space which can be easily cleaned and plant your propagations into some soil. Choose any cute pot you like, just ensure there is a drainage hole at the bottom to allow your plant to drain after being watered. If there isn't one, you can always add some pebbles or rocks to the bottom to create a layer of separation to allow for some drainage. 



Told you it was easy, now arrange your new plant children around your space and continue the cycle (if you wish) by taking some new offcuts & repeating the process all over again! Take care of your new plants as normal with regular watering & occasional fertilisation and watch them thrive and become their own independent plant selves.

Thankyou for reading, we hope you have enjoyed todays post and feel a little more inspired and confident in propagating some new plants for your indoor space.

We will leave you with one final tip... Get your hands dirty but not your clothes! When gardening & doing other messy but wonderful activities whilst in isolation, save on washing and prevent ruining your clothing by rocking your most minimal, but cutest at home 'fit, your LÉ BUNS of course. You know, just if you like the sound of no pants & letting your skin breathe after countless days spent in trackies.