Our Ethos

LÉ BUNS is committed to producing sustainable, ethical garments that don’t cost the Earth. We are proud to share our ethos for 2021 focused on maintaining a positive environmental impact on people, animals and the world we share through our practice.


LÉ BUNS donates $1 from every purchase to a charity of your choice; Greening Australia, The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation and Women’s Community Shelters. These charities provide help across our country to save the Great Barrier Reef, give literacy to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders children and protecting women from homelessness and domestic violence.



As a women-run brand, we specialise in effortless, comfy and cute designs to make each and every woman feel confident in their own body. We celebrate diversity & individuality, sharing un-retouched imagery of women in our natural form.


All our garments are produced from the best quality environmentally sustainable options available. Our Intimate’s Collections are made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Not only is organic cotton sourced ethically and eliminates the use of pesticides, it’s more resistant to shrinkage and fading, meaning you can get the most out of your undies, resulting in less garment purchasing and waste. 

With fishing nets being the leading cause in ocean population, causing major health consequences to our marine life. Our swimwear collections are made from regenerated nylon which is made from collecting harmful plastic fishing nets discarded at sea, helping turn waste into new products.

 Our lounge collection is made from the softest blend of organic cotton and bamboo. Bamboo grows rapidly, needs very little water and absorbs 5 times more carbon than other trees. The rest of our loungewear is made from 100% premium linen. Linen is made from the flax plant, where no part of the plant is wasted when being turned into linen. It’s the most biodegradable fabric out there and becomes softer when washed, extending the life of the garment.

 We also work with natural dyes that are chemical-free for our intimates pieces; better for the environment, the workers making our garments and your skin.


We’re committed to having fair, safe and healthy working conditions whilst maintaining a transparent supply chain as part of the slow fashion community. Each collection from design to delivery takes around 1 year with quality and longevity in mind.

LÉ BUNS is an Australian company based in Melbourne, where all our garments are designed. Part of LÉ BUNS garments are made at an Indonesian family-run, female-founded factory while the other half in China, where the organic cotton is produced using local spinning mills.


We ship all our products in biodegradable mailer bags and are constantly evaluating how we can reduce our packaging footprint. Recently launching our new packaging options, we give you the choice at the checkout to opt for minimum packaging; introducing the option of “Bare Minimum”, which contains no swing tags or wash bag, allowing us to reuse on other orders to help reduce our warehouse waste.


At LÉ BUNS we are committed to the long-term journey of positive change. We appreciate all your support and the role you, as the consumer play in shaping the fashion industry for the better.