So you procrastinated ... and now Christmas is right around the corner & you're still scrambling for last minute gifts. Don't fret. We've got your back! 
Head to your local thrift or upcycle pieces you already have at home to create some super cute unique, last minute gifts that don't seem last minute at all!
We're all about sustainability here at LÉ BUNS (obvs) so it made sense for us to also host a sustainable Christmas get together. Our Kris Kringle gifts were to be strictly thrifted or upcycled! It was such a fun way to make a small budget go so much further, and we found some super cute things to spoil each other with. 
See some cute pics of us below being very stoked with our thrifted gifts!

 Keep reading for some inspo on what to keep your eyes out for, when thrifting for or upcycling gifts!


Photo via  @thefashionmedley


Books are such a good gift, at your regular retail store they can go for upwards of $20-$50. I've found some incredibly cute books at the thrift, from a Matisse coffee table book, to self care or fashion books, there's really something to suit anyone's interests! Another cute idea is to gift someone your favourite book, whether it's a thrifted version or your own well loved version.

Photo via @sophieelkus


Frames, especially unique vintage ones, make such a wonderful, but inexpensive gift. You can find some gorgeous good quality frames at the thrift shop, which you can fill with dried florals, or create some super simple but effective DIY line art like the ones above! 

Photo via @losobjetosdecorativos


There are SO many gorgeous ceramic pieces at the thrift. From vases, to plant pots to gorgeous tea sets and trinket dishes. I've come accross shell shaped dishes, the cutest tea sets, and incredible vases. You can even upcycle glass pieces to resemble a ceramic one, using our current fave Tik Tok trend of mixing acrylic paint & baking powder to mimic a stone-like gritty texture to elevate your thrifted finds!

Photo via Pinterest


Ash (our customer service babe) received a brand new, in the box point & shoot film camera from Nicole, our resident photographer as the CUTEST Kris Kringle gift. They're a little harder to come by, but you can definitely thrift cameras, lenses and other photography accessories at the op shop. If you're not into the whole, 'search 10 different thrift stores & still not find what you're looking for thing', Facebook Marketplace or curated vintage stores such as Melbourne Vintage are great!

Photo via @roomshop


Think shoes (if you're close enough to know their shoe size, or sneaky enough to find out), bags, jewellery, etc. Bags are such an easy thing to thrift, there are always so many beautiful ones and you can get your hands on some super unique vintage ones too! It's also a very practical gift and can be super thoughtful if you buy something that perfectly encapsulates their style.

Photo via @homegrownvintsge_nb


MY FAVE! I can never have enough homewares and I know a lot of people are the same. Following on from the 'Ceramics' segment of this post, there are so many other homewares to thrift apart from super cute dishes & vases. One I absolutely love are cushions & throw blankets. I found this gorgeous velvet cushion & fluffy borg blanket for an absolute steal at my local thrift, and they would make an excellent gift for someone who's just moved into a new house (or even someone who just loves a cozy night in)

Photo via @calitigerbrand


Not sure if anyone actually has a DVD player anymore tbh, but isn't there just something so great about owning your fave TV series or movie in a hard copy?? Gifting someone their fave thing to watch or listen to IRL is such a cute gift, you can even accompany a stack of DVD's with their favourite snacks, or if they're one of those cool people who owns a record player (jealous!), why not treat them to some vintage vinyl?
We hope this little gift guide gave you some inspo to get out there and find some gems at the thrift! 
With love,