A Sustainable Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2019 Gift Guide.

We understand that making sustainable choices can become much more difficult around Christmas time, when buying gifts is expected of us and it's almost too easy to fall into old habits.
According to The Sydney Morning Herald, "Australians spent an estimated $400 million on 10 million unwanted gifts last Christmas, many of which were discarded and likely ended up in landfill"
Statistics like these are the reason we need to, more than ever, think consciously and thoughtfully about purchasing for others. You can still show the people in your life that you love and appreciate them, without costing the environment.
We've got your back with our hand picked selection of brands & gifts that will keep your friends, family and the planet all happy this festive season.


Luxury beauty products are always a failsafe when it comes to buying gifts, you know they'll get used, they're cute, and even if the person you're buying for already has a million other beauty products, they're one of those things that you can never have enough of.
Fur is doing great things in the beauty industry, they've recently launched Bath Drops which are a new and improved version of traditional bath beads, being encased in Seaweed, they are cruelty free and vegan friendly. They even come in the cutest glass jar, which is of course so much better for the environment than traditional plastic packaging, and it's so cute that the recipient will most likely reuse it for something else once the product has been used. Let's just say it's the gift that keeps on giving.
Another beauty brand we love is Leif. They are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Plus they have the most amazing selection of skincare with no nasties to be seen.
"Leif formulations combine botanical extracts with essential oils that offer their own task specific natural selection."


Ceramics are such an amazing gift idea, they are beautiful, unique and practical. Think crockery, mugs, vases and everything in between. Sydney based ceramicist Emma, makes the most beautiful ceramics and sells them through her online store, Voluptuary Ceramics. We especially love Emma's work for her body positive focus and efforts to ensure that sustainable studio practises and environmentally friendly packaging are implemented.
The perfect gift idea as there are so many different products, colours, shapes and functions to suit everyone that you could possibly be purchasing for. Coffee lover? Mug. Flower enthusiast? Vase. You get the drift.


Something that we are not always inclined to treat ourselves to is a well-deserved spa session. Give your loved ones the gift of relaxation & restoration with a message, facial or treatment at a wellness studio. We love Nimbus Co for their dedication to natural healing processes and use of eco-friendly products in all of their studios.
Gifting an experience is such an amazing way to stay sustainable in festive season. Steering clear of consuming material items when possible is a great way to reduce our waste and carbon footprints, plus you are offering the recipient a unique memory and experience. Along the same lines, think, hot air balloon trip, outdoor cinema, pottery class, paint & wine session, there are so many 'experience based' gifts that are a thoughtful and amazing way to gift sustainably this festive season.


Who doesn't love sunnies? Even if you have way too many pairs (like myself) there is always another pair out there waiting to grace my face. POMS is a brand who is doing amazing & innovative things in the sustainable fashion space. They have recently launched a new shape RETTA, which is made from plant cellulose acetate, making the frames 100% biodegradable, which is amazing! Sunnies make the perfect gift, everyone wears them, you don't have to stress about getting the sizing right and they are practical for keeping your eyeballs protected from the summer sun.


A bag is the perfect failsafe gift. Everyone wears them, they are practical and they come in an endless array of shapes, sizes and textures to match the needs of any giftee.
Oats is a Melbourne based brand created by a mother daughter duo. Their focus is on slow fashion, reducing waste and making quality garments that will last a lifetime. Their scrunch bags are a personal favourite and top pick for gifting this season. They are the perfect summer bags crafted from fabric scraps which are hand dyed, making them the ultimate way for the brands to ensure the most minimal amount of waste and environmental footprint possible.
The wide range of colours and the way these are hand crafted make for a super unique and special gift for your loved ones this season, not only that, but they are also super practical and something that will for sure be used for years and years to come.


Another ingenious use of scrap fabrics. Room Shop Vintage creates gorgeous 'cloud scrunchies' which are large and in charge and most importantly sustainably crafted. A super affordable gift or stocking stuffer, which is sure to add a luxe feel to any outfit, especially throughout party season! Whilst we are talking about this brand, let's not forget about their amazing range of vintage picks, which are also a super unique and sustainable gifting option this season.


I know what you're thinking. A voucher is the ultimate cop out when it comes to gifts, and this can definitely be true.. unless you choose your voucher wisely. 

Your friend's been talking about changing up their hair? Spoil them with a voucher to go towards their new 'do. Melbourne babes, should definitely check out Donna Sheridan, click here for an in depth post about why we love them & their focus on sustainability.

Same with nails, lashes or any other beauty treatment, it can get expensive to have all of these things done, so any help is always going to be appreciated, I assure you.

How about the clothes lover, who has very particular taste? A voucher to a cool store that provides lots of options will never go unwanted and your recipient can choose something they really want! We love Well Made Clothes as they have an incredible range of sustainable and ethical brands for guys & girls, plus everything you could want to look stylish from head to toe.

Feeling bold? You can always skip the voucher if you know your loved one has had their eye on something in particular. How about a versatile piece that can be worn for many occasions to come? Isabelle Quinn offers the most beautiful range of unique pieces ready to take your giftee through the new year & beyond.


Of course this list would not be complete without your favourite organic cotton intimates and sustainable swimwear making an appearance. At LÉ BUNS we are dedicated to ethical production and sustainable manufacturing practise. Everyone loves and needs undies & there is nothing like good quality intimates to keep you comfy and supported all day, every day. Whether it's a stocking stuffer, gift card or bulk set of your recipients favourite style, there will be something to pick up for everyone that you are shopping for this season. For our minimal bae's there's plenty to choose from in our core range of Ivory and Noir intimates & swimwear styles. For the girls who like something a little bit different, our custom prints and botanically dyed styles are the perfect pick.

We hope that this sustainable gift guide has been a helpful secret weapon to becoming the best gift-giver this season. Don't worry, your secret's safe with us.
Happy Gifting Lovers!
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