HUNS IN LE BUNS: Lorraine Morena

Introducing LÉ BUNS hun Lorraine Morena, Youtuber, Instagram queen & all-around babe. We chat to her about her upbringing, sustainability, confidence, and everything in between.
Where did you grow up? How has this shaped you?
I grew up in South Africa , in a village called Jane Furse. I grew up witnessing poverty and struggle around me and though it was a less than undesirable situation to be in the people never let it define them. Growing up there enabled me to see how positive and tenacious the human spirit can be , seeing people push past their circumstances and make everyday an opportunity to better themselves was inspiring. That attitude has followed me throughout life. It has led me to believe that mindset can be your greatest escape and equally your greatest prison and choosing the former as I witnessed growing up led to a great place.
What do you get up to on a day to day basis?
I work for a shipping container company as a sales support officer during the day, I love the people I work with and the environment my workplace has created. After work I come home and work on ideas for my Youtube channel and film whatever ideas I have developed. I decided to start a channel because I wanted to showcase what I enjoy and also help where I could ,so this has been a fun venture for me! Then its dinner time, I have found a new love for finding recipes and giving them my best shot! Recently Just learned how to make Jollof rice which is a one-pot rice dish popular in many West African countries. I recommend everyone to try it! Next I want to learn how to make plantain. I also like to incorporate any sort of exercise in my day whether its walking to the supermarket or doing some squats or leg raises in the comfort of your own living room. I find that its help clear my mind and alleviate daily anxious feelings.
What’s your best self care tip?
The first thing that comes to mind is writing a gratitude list! It is so easy to get lost in negative thoughts but I have found that when I write down all the things I am grateful for in life it is a silent whisper that says "Hey your doing great keep going" and the great thing about life is that there is always something to be grateful for and smile about.  PS. Drink water and meditate
Which LÉ BUNS silhouette do you feel most confident in?
I really love the Easton bandeau top because it is so versatile and I can feel cool at the beach or lunch with friends ,paired with the Taylor high cut which i think hugs and shows off the body so well.
Favourite Instagram accounts?
1. @Feminist because yes everyone should be a feminist and the page so much light to so many important topics that we sometimes shy away from so i love to see that on my timeline.
2. @wearenotreallystrangers because it has some thought provoking content which can be tongue and cheek sometimes which makes it even more relatable.
3. @sarahjoholder because it is a great page to get some fashion and styling inspo and she is really great at showcasing her aesthetic
4. @iannahpowell because she radiates positivity and educates where she can
5. @shelleymokoena the page is satisfying and aesthetically pleasing.
What does sustainability mean to you?
It means preserving the beauty of this earth and treating it with respect and love , everything mother nature has to offer has a purpose and if we destroy it we destroy ourselves in the process as well. This is why it is so important to be as sustainable as you can be whether it's supporting sustainable brands, cutting down on your meat intake or shopping at an op shop for furniture, clothes etc these small things make a big difference.
 Leave us with your all time favourite quote & why it is important to you?
" You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessing." - Elizabeth Gilbert The quote is important to me because it relays to me the importance of my hard work, perseverance and self belief in order to achieve my dreams or goals. Furthermore, that staying idle and complacent is not an option if you want to achieve anything in life. Even the smallest wins are still wins.
Follow Lorraine's journey on her Instagram @iamthelorr & Youtube channel.